Thirteenth Meeting

Crafting Tactile Interfaces with Makey-Makey Microcontrollers

March 26, 2018 (formerly March 19), 6:30pm, JAAC (15th & Wedgewood) Room 1037, Belmont University~~

We’re going to do a mini-hackathon, spending some time with Makey-Makey microcontrollers, provided by Belmont’s Chemistry & Physics Department! Megan Kelley is going to help facilitate and provide some craft items (e.g. conductive thread), and we’ll bring some too*, and feel free to bring your own craft items too. No soldering required!

Here are some links to possible ideas you might want to build:

Also we’ll add some other controls using the Wekinator machine learning tool for building interfaces!

Written on March 26, 2018