Third Meeting

March 1, 6:30pm - 8:30pm, Room 1034, Janet Ayers Academic Center, Belmont University. 15th & Wedgewood. Free parking under the building.

For this meeting, after some welcoming-time and a little discussion we’re going to actually do so work, breaking into teams.

Key project goals include:

  1. Developing a VST-hosting library callable from other codes. This will facilitate a bunch of other things we want to try to do related to audio plugin development & machine learning.
  2. Adding bandpass filters (biquads) to Polar Pattern Plotter and/or Sonicolor
  3. For non-coders: Making acoustical measurements using existing tools (e.g., of Fraunhofer diffraction: box-with-a-hole-in-it)
  4. Other ideas?

Remarks from the 2nd Meeting:

Great discussions last night! We’ve got a great ‘dynamic range’ of giftings represented, from “low-level coders” to “big-picture shapers.”


  • Future meetings will be 1st Wednesdays & 3rd Mondays of each month. So next meeting is March 1, and we’ll try get into teams and work together on various projects. I’ve reserved Belmont JAAC 1034 (same room as last night) for all those days….also Artiphon is willing to host us at some point.
  • Discussions will also take place here on Facebook and also on Slack: (comment below with your e-mail address if you want an “invite,” then anyone already in the “Slack team” can send you one.)
  • One important group-effort project that would “serve” lots of other projects would be a VST host callable as a library for use in other programs. Let’s make this a priority, in addition to the other cool things we’ve got going on.
  • Other upcoming events that may be of interest:
  • Feb 17: NashVR Meeting at Make Nashville.
  • Feb 27: Nashville Music Programmers. Topic: Web Audio
  • April 15: Nashville Music Hackathon. Let’s go!
  • March 1: Deadline for submissions for speakers for Music City Code, June 1-3.
Written on February 14, 2017