Seventeenth Meeting

Steve Garrett #2

Date/Time: Wednesday, November 14, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Location: Room 1045, Janet Ayers Academic Center (1500 Wedgewood Blvd), Belmont University.

Note: room 1045 is on the NE corner of the building, around & behind the chapel.

Previously we had an event out at the home of gear designer and recording engineer Steve Garrett, but not many people were able to make it, so we’re having Steve come to Belmont to share again! See description below for our previous event…Also note that Steve sports a pair of extremely sophisticated hearing aids which would be of interest to some of our hearing-science types.

Steve Garrett is a veteran audio engineer who has worked in recording, live sound, and product design for mixing consoles, class D amplifiers, and effects processors. He moved here from Dallas recently and has set up a studio near Percy Priest Lake. For this meeting, we’re going to hear from him about his work in audio product design & testing, and his recording and production work!

Written on November 11, 2018