Second Meeting

Great last meeting, let’s do it again!

Where: Room 1034, Janet Ayers Academic Center (15th & Wedgewood, free parking under the building), Belmont University. Same building as last time, different room.

When: 6:30-8:30pm, Monday February 13.

I’ve scheduled it only two weeks from the last one just to keep the “momentum” going; in the future we’ll probably space them out more.


  • Announcements of project ideas & soliciting collaboration (Instructions: [link will go here soon]) (30 mins)
  • Discussion of project management method(s) (30 mins)
  • Discussion of admin/status/legal issues (30 mins)
  • Hang out, “clump up” around projects, establish sub-meetings. (30 mins)

If you miss this meeting, that’s ok you can still be involved! Just stay tuned here for further info on how to get connected.

NOTE: slightly later time; different room; no food this time unless…any volunteers? ;-)

Written on February 4, 2017