First Meeting!

Jan 30th 2017, 6:15-8:15pm

Location: 15th & Wedgewood, Janet Ayers Academic Center (JAAC) Room 4098, Belmont University, 37212.
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Attention academics & amateurs, creatives and coders, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, makers & musicians, scientists & slackers, techies & tinkerers! Let’s band together to bring our ideas to life! Starting “ASPIRE: A Research Co-Op” ( This group can be part meetup, part hackathon series, part laboratory-makerspace, part innovation incubator, and part journal-worthy research powerhouse, driven by our interests, resources & passions. :-)

Location: Room 4098, Janet Ayers Academic Center, Belmont University.

Launching a “Research Co-op” for members of the Nashville community – academics, entrepreneurs, engineers, musicians and enthusiasts – to collaborate on innovative projects involving audio, acoustics, engineering, and so on.

For this meeting, We’re going to hear and/or try out demos from a few people on what they’re working on…

This will be open to the public, and we’ll be inviting members from other meetups & labs to join & advise us!

This event is jointly sponsored by Belmont University College of Sciences & Mathematics and the Music City Chapter of the Acoustical Society of America!

Directions: Free parking under the building. Take the south elevator to the 4th floor, walk around the corner to the left, then across the elliptical-foyer area, and down an around the hallway to the right. 4098 is facing you from the end of the hall. (If you take the north elevator, it will likely only go to the 3rd floor.)

Written on January 24, 2017